Fill Out Our Trail Survey

Fill Out Our Trail Survey
Posted on 10/11/2019

Saddle Hills County is collecting information on our trails, and you can help!


At the September 24, 2019 Regular Council Meeting, Council approved the launch of our Trail Survey. The survey is currently live, and ready for your input!


As part of our larger strategic goal to develop our trail system in the County, we are finding out where all of our current trails are in the County. Once we have an inventory of our trails, we can assess where our needs are, which trails to develop, and where we might create new trails in the future.


When you arrive at the survey website, you can draw the route of your favorite trails to show us where they run, and you can even add pictures to show us the incredible sights of the County, or anything else noteworthy about the trail. When you finish drawing the trail, it automatically saves and sends us the information, simple as that. Check out our instructional video for a more detailed guide on how to use the survey.


With your help, we can make our trails cleaner, safer, and more accessible for everyone! Click here to complete the survey!